Participant Log/Timecards Bundle


Bundles the Participant Log and Participant Log Timecards plugins together at a single price.


The two plugins you’ll need to add time tracking for your volunteers, employees or contractors.


Setting up the Timecards

When you purchase this plugin bundle, you’ll get two downloads: the Participant Log plugin and the Timecards plugin.

Install and activate Participant Log first, then the Timecards plugin. The Participant Log plugin provides the logging functionality that is used to generate and store the timecards. It also make it possible to see how many hours each person has logged, and to manage and edit the timecards.

First, I suggest you get familiar with how Participant Log works here: Participant Log Product Manual

You’ll need to set up the log that will record the timecards by creating and adding the fields of data you need to collect. The minimum requirement for the timecard is 2 date fields to record the time in and time out, and then a decimal field to record the hours for the timecard. You can add any additional fields you want to the timecard. It is not neccsary to add fields about the person who is logging their hours, such as their name, this is in the Participants Database record that belongs to the person.

The instructions for configuring the Timecard and how that works can be found here: Participant Log Timecards Product Manual

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