Privacy Policy

Any data collected from you, a user on this website, will be held in the strictest confidentiality and not shared with any third party.

Use of Private Data

Private data that we collect in the process of doing business is kept confidentially, and we do not share data with any other entity.

Our use of your information is limited to these purposes only:

  • account records for purchases and transaction communications
  • access to logged-in-user-only interactions such as commenting and technical support
  • very limited email marketing that is only from us, and will only contain information and offers from xnau webdesign.

About GDPR Compliance

We are based in the United States, and are a small company with limited resources for technical legal advice about European law. We will make every effort within our means to comply with European privacy and data protection regulations. Our servers are kept secure with industry-standard safeguards for a small-scale shared hosting setup, but of course no guarantees can be made that our system cannot be compromised.

All use of your personal data will be by your explicit consent only.

If you are concerned about the privacy or use of any of your personal data we may have, please contact us with your name and email, and on request your personal information will be scrubbed from our data storage devices.