Building UI-centric plugins and applications for the WordPress  publishing platform

xnau webdesign was founded in 1997 to fulfill the web development needs of a client who was expanding their business onto the web. Since that time, we have steadily built our client base with more ambitious, code-based websites until those sites became applications.

In 2007, a particularly complex job came our way, but the budget was limited, so we decided to try a blogging platform called WordPress. The success of that decision led to developing exclusively for WordPress in the next few years as we realized our time was best spent developing a client functionality that was extensible and part of a growing community of support and development.

Our commitment is to provide personalized, timely support for our plugins, and to be responsive to the needs and requests of the user community.

In the process of developing functionality for clients, it became clear that the best way to develop new ways to interact and create is to start with the user interface and actually let an intuitive, powerful user interface dictate how the functionality works. This can be challenging, and we still have a lot to learn in this area, but it’s clear this is a design commitment we can rely on.

Our niche in the WordPress ecosystem was established with the success of the Participants Database plugin, which has been available since 2012. Our current focus is in extending and improving the core plugin, while developing premium add-ons to give specialized functionality to those who need a little bit more from the base capabilities provided by the plugin.

We welcome your suggestions and feedback.