I have several additional interests and projects tangential to the purpose of this particular website. I present these links here in the hope that it will generate a flood of visits and justify my adding numerous obnoxious ads so I can pay for the hosting and possibly event the many hours I have invested in creating these pages.

Pacific Weather Overview

I live on the island of Kauaʻi, and I like to keep a close watch on the weather. Not only because it affects what I do on the land, but also we do get sudden severe weather I like to be mentally and physically prepared for. For this purpose, I have created a Pacific Weather overview page, aggregating various current graphical and textual weather information sources, mostly from official sites such as NOAA and the NWS.

Alchemical 9

I have dabbled to a great-or-lesser degree in electronic music throughout my life, (these days it’s much the lesser) and I have a vehicle for this music I call “Alchemical 9.” I invite you to visit this page to find out more and possibly buy one of my releases.

A Process of Re-cognition

Writing and blogging is something I’ve done sporadically over the years, largely to share my opinions and odd moments of clarity on a variety of subjects I find interesting. My current blog is titled “A Process of Recognition” and I hope you’ll take as moment to read an entry or two.

Lokelani Ranch

I live on a small piece of land in Hawaiʻi we call “Lokelani Ranch” and I have struggled to keep my account of our time and work here current. For those who think that four years ago qualifies as current, the site to visit is lokelani.org. I’m sure you’ll find it edifying or at least curious.