WordPress Development Services

For the last 8 years, I have been providing custom WordPress development services to clients all over the world. With time and experience, my business model has had to change and adapt as I need to find ways to work smarter, work less, and do more of the things that I love doing, while still bringing in an income for me and my family. I am also the owner, with my wife Lisa, of a burgeoning food business called Tiny Isle here in Hawaii that is demanding most of my time and energy these days. So I regret to announce:

I can no longer provide custom development services.

I’m sorry about that because I love helping people get what they need from their WordPress site, but I cannot take on the jobs anymore. I will continue to offer free support, of course. Participants Database and it’s add-ons will continue to develop and be supported by me.

WordPress Outsourcing Resources

There are several sites offering to connect WordPress site owners and creators with the coding skill they need from time to time. Here is a short list without any sort of endorsement on my part:

There is Probably a Business Opportunity Here

There seems to be a gap in the services available to small business owners, organizations and individuals who need small-scale custom design and functionality on their WordPress site. The gap between free support (not really very good in most cases), so-called “micro jobs” (too cheap to be credible), and full development services (very expensive) is an open space of possibilities with few options.

There’s not much money in it, so maybe that gap won’t be filled, but considering that there are WordPress coders all over the world, the ability to fill those small jobs is possible.

If you’ve got any ideas how that might work, contact me and we can discuss it.