Participants Database Plugin Demo Page

On this page you can take a look at the plugin in action.

The Signup Form…

The [pdb_list] Shortcode

This shortcode lists records, all of them or a subset as defined by the shortcode. This demo shows the main features of the list display.

  • linkable, Javascript-protected email addresses
  • lightbox integration on images
  • link to each record’s detail page
  • AJAX-powered search and sort
  • pagination

For mobile devices: Participants Database Responsive Display

This is displayed using this shortcode:

[pdb_list search=true sort=true display_count=true list_limit=10 orderby="last_name,first_name" order="asc,asc" filter="approved=yes"]

Click on the “View Link” to see the individual record  detail.

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31 Records Found
First NameLast NameClub RoleCityStateMain ActivityPhoto
Munn Joyem Volunteer Anchorage Alaska
Mcnichol Alton Beanblossom Pennsylvania
Parkinson Codi Beantown Illinois
Varnadoe Cornelius Staff Bridgeport Connecticut Photography, Crafts, Arts & Hobbies, Organic Farming
Prewett Katlyn Volunteer Denver Colorado General Sports, Photography, Rock Hounding
Aguirre Synthia Volunteer Denver Colorado Yoga, Rock Hounding
Jiminez Cecile Volunteer Denver Colorado General Sports, Photography, Yoga, Rock Hounding
Rodriques Annamae Guest Fresno California Photography, Rock Hounding
Crespo Sherrill Volunteer Gilbert Arizona Rock Climbing, Crafts, Arts & Hobbies, Rock Hounding
Tarbox Lionel Staff Greeley Colorado