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Filtering a List Based on the Current Date

It’s possible to determine what records are shown using the [pdb_list] shortcode by using the “filter” attribute. If you want to show records from a range of dates, you can use the filter to determine the start and end dates for the range.

List filters are discussed in detail here. Read that page if you have not worked with list filters before.

Note: I have added a general feature to Participants Database that makes many of the most common filters using dynamic dates possible without any additional code. Take a look at the documentation here to see if you can use this new feature.

For some more complex examples beyond what is possible just using shortcode filters, read on…

Since this requires PHP, there are a couple of ways to go. If you’re familiar with using templates or creating shortcodes, you can do it that way. Another less technical approach is to use a plugin that lets you put PHP code in your content. However you go, you will need to know some simple PHP to customize this for whatever you want to do in your case.

Here is an example of showing all the records from the last week:

And here is an example of getting all the results in the current month:

These are good examples of how to do simple date manipulations using PHP.

Using PHP Snippets

There are plugins that let you place PHP in your content which can simplify getting a little bit of code (a “snippet”) on your page. To do that, you would take the code, like one of the examples above, and place it in a snippet. Usually, you don’t need the PHP tags<!--?php?--> and then put the code in your page according to the instructions for the snippet plugin.

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