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Using Participants Database with WordPress Users

This post was updated November 6, 2019 to be compatible with current versions of WordPress. A very common support request is along the lines of “how can I give my users access to a set of Participants Database records?” There are basically two ways to do this, depending on what privileges you want to give… (read)

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Creating Multiple-page Forms in Participants Database

Version 1.5.2 introduced the ability to create forms across multiple pages. By defining the “action” attribute, the user is taken to another form page after each page is submitted. Each page shows a different part of the form by setting the fields or group to show in the shortcode on that page.

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how that is done.

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Commas and other punctuation in selector labels

In this post, I document a feature that you can take advantage of when defining labels for selectors like radio buttons, dropdowns and checkboxes. Each of the selections you define can have a separate value and title, which is the printed value the user sees. The “value” is what is actually stored in the database.… (read)

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Adding an Edit Record Link to the Frontend List

Let’s say you want some users who do not have access to the admin section to be able to edit records. You want to show them a list of records that includes a link to a record edit page.

This tutorial will give you the basic techniques for creating edit links in the record list. It also shows the general method for adding a link to a field.