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Applying Manual Plugin Updates or Reinstalling a Plugin

The add-ons we offer here are connected to an automated update system so that updates are available on the Plugin page in your site admin. Normally, you only need to click update to get the latest version.

I does happen on occasion that the update system fails and these updates are not available directly. In this case, you need to apply the update manually. Here is how you get that done.

These instructions also apply to the main Participants Database plugin. You can reinstall that plugin following these instructions also. Download the latest version of Participants Database here…

To get the latest version of an add-on plugin, you can download it from by logging in to your account and going to your downloads page. If that is not possible, you can contact me by email and I’ll make arrangements for you to get the latest update.

Instructions for Manual Plugin Updates or a Plugin Reinstall

First make sure you have access to your site files directly. This is either going to be via FTP or your hosting control panel Files Manager.

  1. Download the update zip file and put it somewhere on your local device
  2. Deactivate (don’t delete) the plugin you are updating on the Plugins page in your site admin
  3. In your FTP or File Manager, go to the wp-content/plugins directory
  4. locate the folder that contains the plugin you are going to update
  5. change it’s name by adding a 0 to the end of the name
  6. now, go back to your WP admin, click on Plugins/Add New
  7. at the top of the page, click on “Upload Plugin”
  8. upload the zip file you downloaded from
  9. click “install” and then “activate”
  10. your plugin is now updated

Once you’re done with that, test the functionality to make sure everything is OK. If it checks out, you can go back to your FTP or File Manager and delete the old plugin (the one you changed the name of). DO NOT do this on the WP Plugins page, If you use that delete function, it will delete your settings!

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