Backend User Access Control

The Participants Database plugin has its own set of access controls points where users can be allowed/disallowed to perform specific functions. On this page is a list of those functions and the context term used to identify them.

The “default role” column indicates the plugin (not WP) role that is allowed access to the action. The plugin roles are assigned to WP roles in the plugin settings under the admin tab. This allows the use of custom roles within the plugin, but defaults to using the common WP roles. These roles are the minimum role that can access the feature, roles with higher levels of privilege can also access those features.

Context Default Role Description
delete participants admin delete records in the admin list
with selected actions admin use the general “with selected” actions on the admin list
access admin field groups admin view or edit fields that are in an “admin” field group
main admin menu editor use the plugin menu in the admin
list participants editor view the list of records in the admin
edit participant editor edit records in the admin
add participant editor create a new record in the admin
manage fields admin use the Manage Database Fields page
upload csv admin use the CSV import page
setup guide admin use the “setup guide” page
plugin settings admin use the plugin settings page
export csv admin export the records as a CSV (also available as a plugin setting)

Here are a couple of how-to articles on customizing user roles with Participants Database: