Participants Database Multi Search Demo

Demonstration of Participants Database with the Combo Multisearch Add-On

This page shows the functionality of the “multisearch” feature. Each field selected for inclusion in the search is represented by an appropriate control in the search interface. See a demo of the “combo” search feature here…

How this works:

  • The search will return all records that match any of the selected terms.
  • You can use wildcards: the * character will match any string, so to get all last names that begin with “K,” type K*
  • This is only a single example: the plugin has many configuration options
Club Role
First Name Devika
Last Name Dutt
First Name Brit
Last Name Storm
First Name ben
Last Name ayad
First Name Lukas
Last Name Murino
First Name Ren
Last Name Za
Club Role Guest
City Birmingham
State Alabama
First Name John
Last Name Doe
First Name Test
Last Name Form
First Name Madya Atma
Last Name Prasetya
First Name Manfred
Last Name Mitreiter
First Name David
Last Name White
Club Role Volunteer
City Birmingham
State Texas
Main Activity General Sports, Photography