Participants Database Multi Search Demo

Demonstration of Participants Database with the Combo Multisearch Add-On

This page shows the functionality of the “multisearch” feature. Each field selected for inclusion in the search is represented by an appropriate control in the search interface. See a demo of the “combo” search feature here…

How this works:

  • The search will return all records that match any of the selected terms.
  • You can use wildcards: the * character will match any string, so to get all last names that begin with “K,” type K*
  • This is only a single example: the plugin has many configuration options
Club Role
First Name Piotr
Last Name Zasw
First Name Wayne
Last Name H
First Name john
Last Name smith
First Name Ken
Last Name Wilson
City Denver
State Colorado
First Name a
Last Name b
First Name Oscar
Last Name oscar
First Name David
Last Name Valladares
First Name Sharfa
Last Name Sharafi
First Name gabri
Last Name mendez
First Name test
Last Name test