Participants Database List Grid

This demonstrates a CSS Grid layout using the “responsive” list template. Full article here: Using Grid Layouts with Participants Database

[pdb_list template=cssgrid fields="first_name,last_name,city,state" class="pdb-list-grid" list_limit=12]
First Name Test
Last Name Form
First Name Madya Atma
Last Name Prasetya
First Name Manfred
Last Name Mitreiter
First Name David
Last Name White
City Birmingham
State Texas
First Name john
Last Name doe
First Name mrco
Last Name ufaro
First Name Antonio
Last Name Seguí Alemany
First Name werw
Last Name wqerwq
First Name jf
Last Name cden
City Birmingham
State Georgia
First Name mickey
Last Name wheats
First Name hh
Last Name bb
First Name bob
Last Name samson