Participants Database List Grid

This demonstrates a CSS Grid layout using the “responsive” list template. Full article here: Using Grid Layouts with Participants Database

First Name Paul
Last Name Bradley
City Los Angeles
State California
First Name adeline
Last Name dimier
City Surprise
State Illinois
First Name Peisheng
Last Name Zhang
City Manchester
State New Hampshire
First Name Solomon
Last Name Okiror
City Peoria
State Federated States Of Micronesia
First Name Spencer
Last Name Dunsmoor
First Name Liza
Last Name Welsh
First Name Roland
Last Name Barker
City Seattle
State Washington
First Name Crespo
Last Name Sherrill
City Gilbert
State Arizona
First Name Aguirre
Last Name Synthia
City Denver
State Colorado
First Name Demario
Last Name Norine
City New Haven
State Connecticut
First Name Tarbox
Last Name Lionel
City Greeley
State Colorado
First Name Alejandro
Last Name Tiraboschi
City Montgomery
State Alabama