Participants Database List Grid

This demonstrates a CSS Grid layout using the “responsive” list template. Full article here: Using Grid Layouts with Participants Database

[pdb_list template=cssgrid fields="first_name,last_name,city,state" class="pdb-list-grid" list_limit=12]
First Name Tim
Last Name Testing
First Name Bran
Last Name Dobson
City Phoenix
State Arkansas
First Name Robert
Last Name Naylor
City Edison
State New Jersey
First Name Robert
Last Name Naylor
First Name Neil
Last Name Myers
City Santa Rosa
State California
First Name Debolt
Last Name Edwin
City Tempe
State Arizona
First Name danny
Last Name lopez
First Name Dale
Last Name Byrne
City Carlsbad
State California
First Name Gabi
Last Name Clayton
First Name test
Last Name test
First Name Group
Last Name FIBARO
First Name mike
Last Name s