Participants Database List Grid

This demonstrates a CSS Grid layout using the “responsive” list template. Full article here: Using Grid Layouts with Participants Database

First Name VityushaPS
Last Name VityushkaPS
First Name FaugarFR
Last Name FauktilarFR
First Name BoosalisFR
Last Name BootonFR
First Name VasilisaFR
Last Name VasilissaFR
First Name zakharyichFR
Last Name ZalasFR
First Name SallerFR
Last Name SanaFR
First Name ninjaFR
Last Name NinkaFR
First Name gashaPS
Last Name GashakarPS
First Name AnushaPS
Last Name AnusyaPS
First Name DarkhunterFR
Last Name DarkshaperFR
First Name hermFR
Last Name HermannFR
First Name KirilkaFR
Last Name KirillFR