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Adding an Edit Record Link to the Frontend List

Let’s say you want some users who do not have access to the admin section to be able to edit records. You want to show them a list of records that includes a link to a record edit page.

This tutorial will give you the basic techniques for creating edit links in the record list. It also shows the general method for adding a link to a field.

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e-commerce on WordPress?

I’ve got a few clients with e-commerce sites that i have set up and maintain. But this was all before I started using WordPress and decided to make it the CMS of choice for all my new projects and redesigns. Now, it will soon be time to upgrade one of my clients and I’m thinking… (read)

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WordPress Plugins: My List

Ah, the wonderful, wacky world of WordPress plugins. You never know what you’re going to get with these little snippets. The WordPress plugin repository is not all that helpful in determining the quality of the plugins available, so it’s a bit of install-and-test to find ones that do what you want them to do. This… (read)